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About Us

contactus btnHexogon Solution Pte Ltd, formerly known as Mozz Creation, was founded in 1997. The Company dealt mainly with the creation and construction of window display animation and roadshows. In 2008, the company was renamed to Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd, the name was derived from a hexagonal-shaped structure that was successfully designed and implemented to overcome a challenging requirement for an event. Currently, the company still incorporates elements from the hexagonal-shaped structure for many of our creations.

Hexogon Solution is made up of 4 main departments:

Hexogon “Effects and Technology”

This department handles Light, Sound and Video Projection. Comprising of a comprehensive fleet of intelligent lighting, one of the best sound system available in the market and world-class projection technology, we cater for a wide range of jobs, and often, produce astonishing results. With our in-house 3D animation artists, sound engineer, lighting programmer, projectionist and technician, we can provide a turnkey solution to all your event requirements.

Hexogon “Exhibition and Events”

With more than 15 years of experience in this field, the company has staged several mega Events and Exhibitions. We go into details, from understanding our client’s brief, to design and fabrication, organizing and planning, enabling our customers experience a one-stop solution.

Hexogon “Concept Shelter & Structure"

We make temporary structures, event shelters and props more interesting with our dedicated team of designers. We build anything from 1:1 scale fighter jets to mega dome concept shelters with a 1000 pax capacity.

Hexogon “Retail and Commercial”

Catered to design, construct and provide outfitting care services for Retail and Commercial environment. We specialize in corporate offices, retail boutiques and showrooms.


We understand the importance of effective communication and excellent service. Our dynamic team from Hexogon Solution is committed to meet our clients’ need through our integrated capabilities. Leveraging from the expertise of our different departments, the power to impress is infinite.

Our passion in creating a powerful brand experience for our clients starts from the day you choose Hexogon Solution. Now, if you will, let us redefine your experience and embark on an exciting journey in creating a successful project together.