Hexogon Solution Light Up The City For The Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix 2013

F1 montage1

For the 6th year, Singapore, host the only night race in the Formula 1 Grand Prix calendar at the Marina Bay. The entire Marina Bay was transformed into a street circuit which utilizes powerful lighting systems to simulate daylight conditions and to create the most stringent protocols for the safety of the drivers and spectators.

The illumination of the surrounding buildings has become a crucial task in order to feature the vibrant and beautiful skyline of Singapore, that will be broadcast to viewers around the world.

Hexogon Solution was tasked to light up all the key buildings and monuments around the circuit such as the Civilian War Memorial, the Old Supreme Court Building, the Esplanade Theatre, the Pit Building, the Merlion and Gardens By the Bay.

Apart from these installations, Hexogon Solution was also appointed to create a projection mapping at the Trispan structure and several live screening projections for the event.

We are proud to be a part of this prestigious event, and we are very excited and happy to learn that our customers were satisfied too.

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