Singapore National Day Parade 2013

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Singapore celebrated its 48th birthday with a "bigger, more animated" visual feast using 30 Christie® Roadster HD20K-J, 3-chip DLP projectors as well as four Christie Spyder X20 to display a slew of multimedia highlights, including 3D mapping across the floating platform at Marina. Revolving around the theme "Many Stories... One Singapore", the show featured a collection of extraordinary Singapore stories told in nine conceptual segments with music, interaction and humor to unite the Singaporeans in the nationwide event.

Compared to last year, this year's show increased the use of projection by 25 percent to include other stage elements such as a vivid floor projection on the platform which covered about 60 percent of the entire stage, the largest in NDP's history. This year, the aimed to create a completely different world for our audience on the floating platform as the digital projection augmented the show segments and made the stage come alive.

Construction of 10 customized projection towers around the stage platform to individually house the triple-stacked Christie Roadster HD20K-J, 3-chip DLP projectors. These projectors together with the Christie Spyder X20s were used to create a visually-captivating digital canvas as an "interactive" stage floor. For instance, during the Represent segment, the local athletes came on stage to show off their sporting skills and "interacted" with the animations of a virtual basketball court and a football field projected onto the floor.

"Even though the projectors were elevated about 25 meters (82 feet) from the ground, the projection height remained a challenge. We did numerous experiments to ensure that each member of the audience could see the floor projections with the pop-up 3D effect that we wanted to achieve," commented Adrian Goh, managing director, Hexogon Solution Pte Ltd.

We are proud to be part of this years celebration and hope for many years to come!

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