Hexogon Solution Effects & Technology Team showreel 2012

HEXOGON SHOWREEL 2012 video thumbnail

2012 had been a very eventful year for Hexogon's Effects & Technology(E&T) team. The department had staged many prestigious national events which includes the anchor installation for i-Light Marina Bay 2012, Sentosa 40th Birthday Celebration multi-media show, and the Singapore National Day Parade 2012. The E&T team had also supported international shows like the World Gas Conference 2012, Vietnam New Year Countdown projection, Night Festival 2012 and Night Light 2012.

Over the year, the team has undergone tough battles to meet challenging demands. Hexogon's E&T team has emerged to be one of the biggest projection company in the region. The company has also acknowledged the importance of its content development department, and the operating and control systems, by investing heavily on both areas. The department is also looking forward to the expansion of its fleet of projectors and D&B sound systems to better cope with more upcoming jobs in 2013.

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