MontBlanc “Beauty Of A Second” Exhibition 2012 at Mandarin Gallery, Singapore


Luxury time pieces crafted with intricate hand-painted faces and diamond studded motifs never fail to inspire awe in watch connoisseurs. Beyong the beauty of these works of art, we often overlook something far more precious and delicate – The Beauty of a Second.

Over a three-day period, watch lovers were treated to a showcase of artistic representations of time from all across the world. A multimedia tour showcases the expertise of watch-making and reminisces Montblanc's 190 years of creating watches that records time to an accuracy of a fifth second.

'Beauty of a Second' began with a worldwide shortfilm competition in which participants submited a shortfilm documenting their interpretation of the beauty of a second. Clips of one second in length were gathered, and the winning pieces were featured in Singapore at the Mandarin Gallery's Montblanc flagship boutique. These winning clips were presented via a 3D video mapping on the facade of the duplex boutique that was prepared with a special vinyl film. The boutique was transformed into a “Time Gallery” exhibition, showcasing an impressive development of Montblanc's most iconic and signature timepieces – the TimeWriter, the Metamorphosis, the Regulateur Nautique and the Vintage Pulsographe.

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